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Buying a home requires some preparation, and a well-established Realtor at About Town Realty can help you analyze your budget and your finances.

Some things to do to help you get started is to talk to a Mortgage lender or Bank to determine if you are qualified for home ownership and if you are, how much you are qualified to borrow. Next, get familiar with the mortgage process because there are different types of mortgages available. For example, there are VA and USDA Mortgage loans with ZERO money down, FHA loans with a 3.5% down-payment, and Conventional loans with a variety of terms.

Basic Steps

Step One: Determine what you need in a house and what you want in a house.

Step Two: Get a pre-approval letter from the lender you have chosen to finance your purchase.

Step Three: Find a Realtor that listens. Be clear about how much money you want to spend and areas or locations that you prefer to search in.

Step Four: Remember that many things influence your mortgage, so don't add new debt that might cause your ratios to get off balance and don't change jobs without consulting with your mortgage lender.

About Town Realty is a company that prides itself on finding houses that become homes!

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